4 ways to wear: The Trucker Hat

by David Simon on Aug 13, 2022

4 ways to wear: The Trucker Hat
The trucker hat has been a menswear staple for decades and yet the question remains: is there more than one way to wear one? Well, the answers is a solid gold yes. We’re all familiar with wearing a trucker casually, but it turns out there are many ways you can style yours without constantly reinventing the wheel.

We’re also aware that some people aren't fans of trucker hats. Also known as the snapback or baseball cap. It’s known to be associated with polarizing public figures, fad fashion eras and children's clothing. But it’s safe to say that the trucker is here to stay and besides being a great bad-hair-day accessory, it’s also pretty damn practical.
So, since we’re such big (*huge) fans of trucker hats, we thought we’d share 4 different ways we like to style ours.


Dusky Grey Suede Trucker Hat
Most people have coined their lowkey casual look, featuring a hat of sorts. But, this layered look is sure to work on so many levels. Denim is always a winner, especially when layered over a hoodie and a contrast tee. Throw in some colour coordination with the bottoms and one of the top layers, and it's the perfect low-key casual look.


Lab3l 3 Logo Black Suede Trucker Hat
No, we're not taking the p**s. Highkey Casual is a thing and it's all about the cut & the details. It's a simple, yet loud look and the trucker is key to pulling it all together. To achieve this, combine structured trousers with an oversized tee, then finish with luxe details. That's where your accessories & our 3 Logo Black Suede Trucker Hat will do most of the work.


Lab3l 3 Logo Black Suede Trucker Hat
This one is more for those who work in laid back offices and have full control over their desk & meeting looks. We're not saying you shouldn't wear a trucker with your 3-piece (yes we are), but it's probably best to let formal-wear do its thing without interruption. If you're going to don your trucker to work, we recommend keeping your fit monochromatic, to give the illusion of a uniform with an edge.


Lab3l 3 Logo Black Suede Trucker Hat
This one seems like a no-brainer, as I'm sure you'll have seen caps-a-plenty when out on the town. But we're not just talking bar-hopping, we also mean date night, dinner out with the fam and special occasions. Nothing balances out an overdone or an underwhelming look that's missing something, like a cool accessory with a premium look & feel. Aim to have one or two truckers made from, or finished with suede, leather or velvet, to fix any night-out outfit doubts.